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Our Savoir-Faire


Fonfrège bags and accessories are designed in France and individually
handcrafted in a small atelier outside of Florence, Italy by master
craftspeople skilled in the artisanal techniques of fine leather
goods manufacturing.

This marriage of French and Italian savoir-faire is precisely what makes
our products so superlative. Still, crafting a beautiful product takes
time, which is why Fonfrège products are manufactured in very limited
quantities in order to ensure absolute satisfaction.


Our Italian tannery has been in business for nearly 60 years, and was one of the first in Italy to take on the environmental responsibility of ethical standards for minimising the impact of the tannery process.

We hand select the highest quality calfskin possible in order to create a rich yet reslient product. Each skin is unique, so any tonal variations or subtle veins are natural features and should not be considered imperfections.

The metal pieces including zippers are also made in Italy and have been selected for their superior quality and durability. With proper care, they will age beautifully over time.

Furthermore, our products undergo strict quality control standards both in our manufacturing facility and at our logistics centres in order to ensure that you receive the finest product possible.



Each and every piece is numbered and registered to the customer who purchased it. Look for the stamped and numbered authenticity card that accompanies each product.