"Those who came before us forged a path that allows us to continue in their footsteps, to dream, create, and innovate new ways of living with adventure and an endless state of wonder."

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About us

FONFRÈGE is named after an aristocratic family’s estate in the South of France, just outside Montpellier. It has remained within the family since 1791.

In 2014, Bertrand Pellegrin, a descendent of the family, and his partner, Brian Valmonte decided to create a line of fine leather goods, in keeping with the family’s long history of innovation, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing.

A brand is born

But the partners didn’t stop there and in 2020, they expanded the brand’s offerings to include apparel, home décor, and a personal edit of the remarkable things that inspire them in their travels around the world

From iconic wardrobe pieces to jewelry, specialty fragrances to important first edition books. Fonfrège will continue to evolve with new and exciting products, rare treasures, limited editions, and intel from their journeys abroad.


A domaine. A dynasty.

To learn more about the remarkable heritage of Fonfrège, take a voyage back in time with our illustrated timeline.

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